iDC FlexiPower Online IoT Lithium

A high performance true online UPS with lithium battery


iDC IoT Lithium UPS, ranging from 1-10kW, is a high performance true online UPS system with a Level 3 Built-in lithium battery, synchronization with UPS offering higher efficiency, longer lifespan, faster charging, and better performance in a smaller, more lightweight package, making them an attractive choice for many applications. In addition, it comes with IoT compatibility automatically monitoring power quality and battery status.

IoT Compatibility

Easy to access your UPS and battery status and events on a real time basis through mobile APP

High Efficiency

A complete green solution with energy saving

Level 3 Lithium Battery System with advanced BMS

Compact design and take up less floor space and smaller footprint

Longer Lifespan & Faster Charging

Lithium batteries offer fast recharge and less replacement

Key Technology

Level 3 Lithium Battery System with advanced BMS

Industry leading BMS reliability design

Built-in cloud connection

Up to 4 compact external hot-swappable battery modules

UPS and lithium battery UL, IEC certification, cybersecurity certificate

Key Technology

Lower TCO than lead-acid solution

Longer Battery Lifespan

Maximum output power factor is 1, VA=W

Level 3 Built-in lithium battery, synchronization with UPS (SOC, SOH, behavior, external balancing)

Extended backup time with up to 4 optional EBMs, with automatic detection

Compact design: – UPS: 2U – 1-3kW EBM: 1U – 6-10kW EBM: 2U

Rack/tower dual set-up with rotatable LCD panel

USB, RS232 port, dry contacts, RPO & ROO connectors, optional SNMP

Built-in Ethernet port for cloud connection

Certification: UN38.3, UL1973, IEC62019, CE, IEC62040

DCIM Ready

Managing iDC UPS has never been more easier. Built-in template for monitoring real-time power consumption and operational status of iDC UPS has been engineered into our DCIM System which makes integration with DCIM System within seconds!

Technical Specification

Power rating

Power factor

Output voltage






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