iDC Air-42

iDC Air-42 provides an easy way to build up a datacenter with regular room partitions and a general cooling system. It is designed for deployment scales ranging from 1 to 100 racks. It complies with a datacenter requirement as it consists of fire suppression, a UPS, a monitoring and control system. It provides much better protection than a traditional datacenter in the multi-floor environments. Any water leakage risk from upper floor can be eliminated. It significantly reduces the fixed capex compared with a traditional datacenter.

Innovative Design

It is a brand new datacenter which transforms a traditional datacenter into an intelligent single rack, yet it still offers full protection to the IT equipment

Great Expandability

It provides the most simple and easy way to build a datacenter at any scale within a very short period

High Mobility

It is highly mobile in a sense that 85% of the setup can be re-used in a new location

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