iDC FlexiPower Line-interactive Econ Tower

An economical with high efficiency line-interactive tower UPS


Our iDC FlexiPower Line-interactive Econ UPS with built-in auto voltage regulator aiming to provide a more stable power in line mode. It includes 5V/2A USB charger, Segment LCD and USB HID which are ideal for home and office applications such as personal computers, routers, printer and other devices.

Key Features

Built-in voltage regulator for reliable power quality

1 min backup capability with full load

Super fast charger shortens the charging time to 2-4 hours

Tiny-load sensing technology prevents the battery from deep discharge problem while connecting to tiny load

HID-UPS-Battery-Supported USB interface enables integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of windows and Mac OS and Linux

USB charger for tablet and smartphone backup power

Technical Specification

Power rating

Power factor

Output voltage






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