The design rationale of iDCnano will be a cost-effective all-in-one racking solution for a network closet or branch office. It is the perfect solution for those companies that need good protection for their low-density cabling nodes, switches and servers. iDCnano integrates all systems in a single rack, including cooling, fire suppression, a UPS and a monitoring & control system.


The cooling capacity of iDCnano is 1.5kW and its low noise level also makes it suitable for general area where a dedicated room is not available.

Slim Rack

It is a compact rack with the dimensions 600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) X 1800mm(H). It is a perfect solution for those companies which have limited space to house the IT equipment

Green Datacenter

It has a roof-mounted cooling unit functions like a refrigerator, avoid water hazards due to no external pipework required. It can use much less energy by cooling a smaller space and the PUE is down to 1.5*, which is much greener

Viable Option

It is an integrated solution which delivers the promise of improved enterprise efficiency, reduced expense and provided good protection for the IT equipment in less ideal environments

*PUE rating can be varied based on the operation and environment condition

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