iDC MPower Pro

A truly growth on demand double conversion online modular UPS


iDC MPower Pro is a perfect “growth on demand” double conversion online UPS for medium to large scale datacenters and mission critical IT applications with a feature of scaling up to 800kW within a relatively small compact size, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and the ease of management.


Optimise capital spendings with a high degree of flexibility to accommodate the changing needs


Minimize operational cost and maintain sustainability by reducing carbon emissions


High level of reliability to minimize costly downtime

Ease of Management

User friendly intelligent monitoring tool and interface with easy access to detailed status information

Key Features

Double conversion online technology

Scalable modular design

Power Capacity: 25-200kW

Maximum efficiency: Up to 99% efficiency in ECO mode, and up to 96% in invertor mode

Green IGBT PWM control

Lowest TCO to maximize availability

Output power factor 1.0

Scalable in parallel up to 4 frames and 800kW

Optimized battery management and adjustable battery quantity

Lithium-ion Batteries compatibility

Transformerless UPS design


Scalable Modular Design

A complete modularization design to suit a wide range of requirements as well as cater for adding or reducing modules without the need for calibration; and ultimately improve system reliability and internal redundancy. Each iDC Mpower Pro UPS module has a complete functional 25kW UPS, advanced wireless parallel control technology and smart communication protocols supporting online maintenance without affecting its daily operations. New modules can also be added to the system without the need for calibration. Maintenance and expansion can be easily achieved. 

25kW Uninterruptible Power Module (Hot-swappable)

Scalable in parallel up to 4 frames and 800kW

DCIM Ready

Managing iDC UPS has never been more easier. Built-in template for monitoring real-time power consumption and operational status of iDC UPS has been engineered into our DCIM System which makes integration with DCIM System within seconds!

Technical Specification

Power rating

Power factor

Output voltage




220/380, 230/400, 240/415 


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