iDC iPDU-M Series

The iPDU-M series rack iPDU is designed for small and medium-sized datacenters. It offers reliable power distribution and metering at the inlet level and support environmental sensors to monitoring temperature and humidity. The iPDU-M series rack iPDU makes it easy to make informed capacity planning decisions and to increase availability and energy efficiency.


Provide different functions in different stages of business by using hot-swap function modules


Easy to upgrade a basic PDU to a local metered PDU and then to an IP monitored intelligent PDU (iPDU) by just replacing the function modules


Safe and reliable in-field maintenance without affecting power supply to IT equipment

Key Features

Hardware Features

Hot-swap NMC (Network Management and Control) module and for easy upgrade and maintenance

Clear LCD screen displays the Current (Amps), Voltage (Volts), Power (kW), Energy (kWh) and Frequency (Hz)

Daisy-chainable up to 1 master and 4 slave units

Available with IEC and UK outlets

Outlet locking for IEC C13 and C19 outlets


Remote Access

Remote access via TCP/IP and built-in 10/100Base-T Ethernet port

Support network communication protocols including TCP, UDP, HTTP / HTTPS, TELNET, SNMP, Modbus RTU

Support network services including TFTP and SMTP

Support 1 level account password security

Support various web browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari



Remotely monitor voltage, current, active power, apparent power, power factor, energy and frequency at input circuit level

Rack environmental monitoring via external connected T/H sensor (optional)

Metering accuracy of +/-1%

Support threshold settings and alerts for voltage, current, temperature and humidity (optional)



Two-ends bracket mounting

DCIM Ready

Managing iDC iPDU has never been more easier. Built-in template for monitoring real-time power consumption of iDC iPDU has been engineered into our DCIM System which makes integration with DCIM System within seconds!

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