iDC FlexiPower Line-interactive Rack

An economical with high efficiency line-interactive rackmounted UPS


Our iDC FlexPower Line-interactive UPS supporting 1-3kVA loads, is an ideal solution for small and medium operations offering cost effective and high efficiency to protect your IT equipment.

Key Features

Rack/Tower dual set-up with rotatable LCD panel

Power Capacity: 1-3 kVA

High output power factor of 0.9

Built-in voltage regulator stabilizes unstable AC input power

Flexible for installation

Intelligent communication slot enables remote monitoring

Optional EBM (Extended Battery Module) available for battery expansion

DCIM Ready

Managing iDC UPS has never been more easier. Built-in template for monitoring real-time power consumption and operational status of iDC UPS has been engineered into our DCIM System which makes integration with DCIM System within seconds!

Technical Specification

Power rating

Power factor

Output voltage





Rackmount / Tower

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