iDCmini Cube

A high power density solution

iDCmini Cube integrates all the necessary systems including a fire suppression and a monitoring & control system in a single lockable rack together with inrack coling system offering a high power density solution. Compared to typical water chillers, iDCmini Cube is relatively small and occupies only a minimum of space; this saves costs and simplifies installation. The cooling capacity of iDCmini Cube is up to 53kW per rack. It is also a perfect solution for hosting high power requirement equipment, such as high performance computing (HPC) servers, AI applications, etc.

Highest Density

Highest power density up to 50kW IT loading within a single rack cabinet


Cooling of IT equipment happen in the totally enclosed rack which maximize the cooling efficiency by minimizing the heat exchange with surrounding environment. Hence, reduce the energy for cooling unit


User can closely monitor the rack temperature at various levels, alarms, emergency power off (EPO) and power usage via the monitoring & control system

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