iDC FlexiPower Line-interactive Tower

An economical with high efficiency line-interactive tower UPS


Our iDC FlexiPower Line-interactive UPS supporting 500-1500VA loads, offers clean and reliable power for protecting your critical equipment, which is an ideal for servers, switches, hubs, routers and other network devices. Given this benefit, it is especially suitable for built-in machines with compact size and tower type.

Key Features

High performance supported by sinewave output and built-in voltage regulator

Compact foot print fits easily into small spaces such as kiosks, cash machines and ticket machines

HID-UPS-Battery-supported USB interface enables integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS and Linux

High conversion efficiency (94%) results in energy saving

LCD graphic display gives comprehensive information at a glance

Easy battery replacement

Technical Specification

Power rating

Power factor

Output voltage



500VA & 1000VA: 07;  750VA & 1500VA: 0.6



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