iDCmini Edge

The world’s greenest all-in-one datacenter

iDCmini Family

All-in-one modular datacenter

iDCmini Duo


iDC Air-42

iDCmini Edge-16

iDCmini Edge-26

iDCmini Edge-58

Why iDCmini

Cost Effectiveness

No need to build a proper server room and save the cost in decoration

Fast Deployment

Minimal site work & easy to set up as fast as 1 to 2 weeks

The Greenest Solution

Achieve a PUE of 1.3 and save up to 75% energy consumption

High Reliability

IP54 enclosure to protect from splashing water and dust

Fulfil IT Audit

Comply with standards

Highly Mobile

Relocatable and reusable in another location

1 %
Energy Saving

Up to 75% average savings because of the most efficient cooling solution

PUE Rating

The greenest solution which achieves the PUE figure as low as 1.3

20 kW
Cooling Capacity

A perfect solution for hosting high power requirement equipment

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