Technical Benefits of Virtualization

Technical Benefits of Virtualization

Last week, we introduced the physical savings of virtualization, and how it may even reduce your running costs in the long run. But one of the leading concerns for virtual machines is reliability, virtualization technologies have vastly improved in the past few years, they are not only as reliable as traditional servers, they also provide additional benefits.

i. Easier Backups

Virtualization not only allows you to make backups easily for your virtual machines, you can also create snapshots for them. These virtual machines can be moved from one server to another. They can be redeployed much faster and easier. Snapshots can be taken throughout the day, and be rolled back or transferred easily on any virtual machine. This allows backups of servers to be taken much more frequently as well.

ii. Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is much easier when your datacenter is virtualized. With up-to-date snapshots of your virtual machines, you can quickly get back up and running. And should disasters strike the datacenter itself, you can always move virtual machines elsewhere. Having that level of flexibility means your disaster recovery plan will be simpler. The iDCmini is a perfect solution for hosting your own private cloud so you can perform disaster recovery easily.

iii. Easier Migration to Cloud

Moving to virtual machines allows migration to public clouds or hybrid infrastructures to create a more powerful computing environment when necessary. But beyond the actual virtual machines, that virtualized technology gets you closer to a cloud-based setup, making the migration much easier. The iDCmini can be used as a smart rack for a mini datacenter in your office to have your own hybrid cloud, it provides all aspects a datacenter will require, and is highly flexible and scalable should you want to adjust the scale of your own cloud.


The iDCmini is not only a smart rack or a smart cabinet, it is the perfect solution for hosting your Hyper Converge appliances. Not only does it keep your virtualized servers cooled, it is also splash proof, with highly customizable configurations. With the smart controller integrated with the mini green datacenter, it can be controlled through a DCIM software that can keep all of your iDCminis monitored.