Substantial Chiller Costs & Potential Water Risk

Customer Background

The client is a local financial services group, provides a wide range of financial services including advisory, investment, research and securities financing as well. When setting up a new server room, the client faces two major issues of costly chiller water and potential water risk from sprinkler head. Chiller water is an essential part for ensuring server room equipment operation and performance. However, chiller costs often consume a significant part of the utility bills, some can consume more than 50% of the electrical usage during seasonal periods. In addition, the leakage of water from sprinkler head may cause and damage equipment that leads to malfunction.


Our Solution

iDCmini Family is a modular all-in-one datacenter solution that consists of 5 essential systems in a single rack including cooling system, UPS, monitoring system, water prevention enclosure and fire suppression system. The waterproof function and the cooling system are well suited the situation. The client has therefore deployed 5 sets of iDCmini racks with the cooling system to ease the chiller costs and prevent water risk in the newly built server room.


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