Solution to expensive chilled water system

Solution to expensive chilled water system

At one time when water was cheap and plentiful it appeared to be a fantastic solution, but today water is now neither plentiful nor inexpensive.  Cooling towers burn through potable water, they use expensive chemicals, lots of electricity and require expensive regular maintenance to be effective and to prevent downtime.  Did you know that with all of these negatives there is another?  We mentioned that cooling towers use potable water but they produce wastewater that is not even qualified to pass through treatment plants?

How much wasted water are we talking about?

The metrics of water chilling tower systems (per ton of capacity) are worth mentioning.  The Cooling capacity of a cooling tower is 15,000 Btu per hour per chiller ton, but let’s talk water usage.  The potable water consumed by a cooling tower does not seem bad when you look at it by the hour. The typical use is  2.52 gallons per hour/per ton, that is 60 gallons per day/per ton, then monthly cooling towers consume 1,840 gallons per ton and annually we are looking at a whopping 22,075 per cooling tower.

iDCmini Solution & Testing Result

After the full performance tests of iDCmini, we can see the thermodynamic environment can be maintained and be stable even under the overload condition at 3,300W electrical IT load inside the IDCmini.

The refrigerator can maintain the IT equipment operating environment even under overload operation at 3,300W without air-conditioning. Under the extreme condition in the testing, the surrounding temperature has been increased to 50°C.

During the Enclosure Operation Behavior Test, it was observed that the refrigerator compressor and condenser fan restarting operation was controlled by the protective on-delay timer device. In order to avoid the overheating inside the enclosure during the waiting interval (preset at 180 sec) of Compressor and Condenser Fan restarting, it is highly recommended to maintain the enclosure door opened for 3 Minutes for each time of operation before re-closing the enclosure door.