Our client is a leading insurance provider, intends to renovate their office space, with a portion of the renovated area designated for leasing to other tenants. As part of this renovation, it is necessary to relocate the existing server room to a new area. However, due to the unavailability of the new server room during the demolition of the old server room, the client requires a temporary server room to ensure uninterrupted operation of their servers throughout the renovation process.


To address this requirement, the client opted for iDCmini Edge-26 all-in-one datacenter solution allowing the migration of critical server equipment to iDCmini Edge-26, offering a seamless continuation of office operations while simultaneously setting up the new server room.


Once the new server room is completed, the server equipment can be moved from the iDCmini Edge-26 back to its designated location within the new server room. This ensures the smooth transition of the server infrastructure and facilitates the successful completion of the office renovation project.


Temporary Server Room Solution

During the renovation period, our iDCmini Edge-26 is implemented to provide a temporary server room. This solution offers complete reliability and stability, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data and applications.


Dust-Proof Environment

To protect the server equipment from dust and debris during the renovation works, our iDCmini Edge-26 with IP55 rating is designed with dust-proof features to ensure the integrity and longevity of the sensitive server components.


Low Noise Level

Our iDCmini Edge-26 is engineered to operate with low noise levels, making it suitable for deployment in an open office area, ensuring a productive and comfortable working environment for the office staff and tenants.


Fast Setup

Time Our iDCmini Edge-26 allow for rapid deployment, minimizing the downtime associated with the relocation and setup process enabling continued office operations without significant interruptions.

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