Customer Background

Our client is a multi-national enterprise engaging in a wide variety of businesses including both life and non-life insurance, financial and other general businesses in over 40 countries globally. With business expansion, the client intended to set up a new branch urgently for supporting its daily operation needs. However, there are several challenges facing such as tight implementation schedule, limited office space, and high chilled water costs for the new branch.

Our Solution

Given the short period of deployment time, the client finally chose our iDCmini Edge-26 for this project because of its all-in-one nature which offers both cost effective and space saving benefits. iDCmini Edge is the greenest all-in-one datacenter solution, a lockable rack consists of the essential equipment including UPS, fire suppression and monitoring system with a side mounted cooling system. The self-contained rack can be operating well without the need of chilled water. The solution also offers an energy efficient benefit of saving up to 75% energy. It eliminates temperature fluctuations and stabilize temperature. All these benefits can contribute to a low PUE of 1.3 which saves the electricity bills. In addition, the enclosed rack with IP54 protection against water risk also establishes a good environment for IT equipment.

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