Customer Background

Our client is an international apparel company providing sportswear OEM services to worldwide clients. With potential water risk and insufficient backup power for cooling system, the client is intended to revamp its existing on premises server room by replacing modern IT infrastructure technology.

Our Solution

Based on the environmental conditions, 2 sets of iDCmini Edge have been deployed to serve current users. This reliable and cost-effective all-in-one datacenter solution contains all the essential equipment including UPS, fire suppression, monitoring system in a single lockable rack with side mounted cooling unit. iDCmini Edge is the greenest solution with a PUE index as low as 1.3 and saves up to 75% energy due to the hybrid heat pipe technology and hence less spending on electricity but still able to enjoy a 7×24 cooling system. In addition, the anti-dust and waterproof IP54 rack not only protect the valuable servers but also resolve the issue of potential water risk from sprinkler head.

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