Our client is an Italian fashion brand with over 50 years history offering ladies’ fashion and accessories.

Due to the relocation to the existing on-premises server room, the client was facing several challenges, including potential water risks, building restrictions that make it difficult to set up a cooling system. Such issues cause potential damage and lead to significant losses of critical data and expensive equipment as well as high temperature.


We offer all-in-one datacenter solution, iDCnano, which is designed to provide a self-contained and mobile IT infrastructure that is easy to install, scalable, and water risk-free and the most importantly to address the pain points.

Our solution offers the following benefits:

Self-contained: ur iDCnano consists of all the necessary IT equipment including UPS, fire suppression, monitoring system in a self-contained rack with a top mounted cooling system.

Short implementation time: Our solution can be deployed quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

Scalable: Our solution is designed to be scalable, meaning it can grow with your business needs.

Water risk-free: Our solution is designed to be water-resistant, with an IP 54 rating rack reducing the risk of water damage to your critical data and equipment.

Mobile: The 100% relocatable nature is making it easy to move for the next relocation as needed.

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