Our client is a non-profit, private and independent international school, serving the community with strong extra-curricular and academics programmes for over 30 years.

The school requires the establishment of a new hub site within a commercial shopping mall. However, the site poses several challenges including the presence of sprinkler heads on-site that raises concerns about potential water damage risks. And the difficulty in installing cooling system makes it challenging to adequately support the school’s IT infrastructure.


The Solution:

To overcome these obstacles, we have deployed an all-in-one datacenter solution, iDCnano that offers a comprehensive and tailored approach. This solution is designed with an IP54 water and dust protection rating making it capable of withstanding water and dust ingress, ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment.

In addition, iDCnano features a self-contained rack system with UPS, monitoring system and UPS system as well as a top-mounted cooling system, eliminating the need for building a standard server room and simplifying the installation process.

Furthermore, the solution offers several key advantages for the school. iDCnano enables rapid deployment, as the system is prefabricated and tested before deployment at site and there is no need for additional server room construction.



By implementing iDCnano, the school can establish a secure and reliable IT infrastructure within the commercial shopping mall, effectively addressing the challenges posed by the sprinkler heads and the difficulty of installing cooling equipment. Thus, the high reliability of the solution ensures the continuity of the school’s operations, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

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