Customer Background

Our client is a leading retail group focusing on diversified retail businesses by providing a number of well-known brands from food and beverages, health & beauty and other retailing through different channels. The client plans to host IT equipment to support its logistics operation in a retail warehouse. Given the lack of 24/7 cooling supply and harsh environment, the client is looking for reliable datacenter solution to tackle such problems.

Our Solution

Due to the cooling and environmental issues, the client has installed our iDCmini Edge, an all-in-one datacenter solution, to tackle these issues. iDCmini Edge is a highly efficient and energy saving solution integrating all the necessary systems including a UPS, fire suppression, and a monitoring control system in a single lockable rack together with hybrid side mounted cooling system. The solution not only provides 24/7 cooling system but also protected from potential water leakage and dust.

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