Our client is a prominent global manufacturer that faced significant challenges related to aging pipework and an inadequate cooling system. These issues not only posed potential water risks but also hindered the overall operational efficiency and sustainability of their facility. Addressing these challenges while ensuring compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards became imperative.


Recognizing the urgent need for a holistic infrastructure upgrade, we proposed our iDCmini Edge-58 2+2 solution, specifically tailored to the client’s unique requirements. This greenest all-in-one datacenter solution featured an array of unique features and capabilities designed to revolutionize their operational efficiency and mitigate potential risks.


At the heart of the solution was an all-in-one design, seamlessly integrating all the essential components into a single, compact unit including UPS, fire suppression and monitoring system with a side mounted cooling system. This streamlined approach eliminated the need for disparate systems, reducing complexity while optimizing space utilization. The IP54 rating for the rack enclosure ensured superior protection against dust and water ingress, safeguarding critical equipment from environmental hazards.


iDCmini Edge-58 utilized advanced cooling technologies, ensuring optimal energy efficiency while maintaining stringent environmental standards. By significantly reducing the PUE to 1.2, energy consumption and carbon footprint, the client could align their operations with ESG objectives.



The implementation of iDCmini Edge-58 2+2 solution delivered transformative results for the client. The risks associated with aging pipework were effectively mitigated, preventing potential water damage and ensuring uninterrupted operations. The upgraded cooling system provided precise temperature control, enhancing operational reliability and reducing energy costs.


Furthermore, the low PUE and green features aligned perfectly with the client’s ESG goals, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices.


iDCmini Edge-58 2+2 (Reference Photo)

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