Our esteemed client is a government organization entrusted with the pivotal task of enhancing health and safety awareness; and fostering skills development within the industry. They required a temporary IT infrastructure solution for a remote container location that could seamlessly accommodate their diverse IT and network equipment and the solution can be relocated to another location after a few years.


The remote container location posed a myriad of constraints that impeded the establishment of a room-based server room. The environment lacked sufficient cooling, with only one solitary split-type cooling unit available. The high heat environment, coupled with limited space of only 150 sq. ft. and low ceiling. Together with the potential risks of power stability, water leakage and security issues, these constraints necessitated an ingenious and comprehensive solution to address the client’s requirements.


A true all-in-one datacenter solution:

To overcome the location limitations and meet the client’s needs, our iDCmini Edge, all-in-one datacenter solution proved to be the optimal choice. The client selected our solution due to its self-contained nature, seamlessly encompassing all necessary components within a single rack. This comprehensive assemblage comprises an UPS, monitoring system, fire suppression system and side mounted cooling system. iDCmini Edge can be 100% relocatable to another location.

Cooling capacity and power stability:

The side-mounted cooling system addressed the insufficiency of cooling in the remote container environment, ensuring optimal temperature levels. The additional extended battery pack can protect the system for up to 2 hours.

Tackle water risks and security issues:

The slender design of our iDCmini Edge further contributed to space optimization, enabling the client to make the most of the confined area. With the exposure to harsh and hot weather, the container environment will be worsened after a period time. Water risks from heavy rain might further deteriorate the condition. Given the IP55 rating of the rack, it provided protection against water leakage, mitigating potential risks in the container environment. Installing any external outdoor unit can pose safety and security risks. In the event of damage to the external unit, there may be interruptions in the IT infrastructure’s service. However, our iDCmini Edge eliminates the need for outdoor units, making it safer and more secure than other products on the market. To ensure access control, we have implemented a card-based access control door locking system that allows for remote unlocking. The enclosed monitoring system played a crucial role in addressing the lack of dedicated staff at the remote location. It enabled constant monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring the equipment operated within optimal parameters.

Green with low PUE:

Our iDCmini Edge boasts the lowest PUE in the market, measuring below 1.3. With every single kilowatt reduced, we can offset the need to compensate for 219 trees. It is the greenest all-in-one datacenter solution.


The application of iDCmini Edge offered remarkable benefits and proved to be an efficient and effective IT infrastructure solution for remote container environment. By addressing the location limitations and incorporating key features, this successful implementation showcases the adaptability and functionality of our iDCmini Edge in meeting unique customer requirements.

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