Our client is a leading Philippine banking company, offering products and services to the retail and corporate markets including lending, deposit taking, foreign exchange, brokering and investments, etc.

The client intends to relocate its current office and server room to a new location due to operational requirements. However, the new location space has several challenges that need to be addressed. The primary challenges include limited physical space, expensive chilled water costs, and the presence of sprinkler heads, which make it difficult to build a standard server room.


The solution:

To address the client’s challenges, we propose an all-in-one datacenter solution, iDCmini Edge 58 1+1 that offers several key benefits to tackle the difficulties.

IP55 rating: iDCmini Edge features an IP55 rating, which provides protection against water and dust ingress, ensuring the IT equipment is secure and reliable in the new office environment.

No Chilled Water Requirement: The self-contained rack with a side-mounted cooling system can perfectly operate without the need for expensive chilled water infrastructure and further save operational costs.

Slim Design: The compact and slim design of iDCmini Edge allows for efficient utilization of the limited space available in the new office, helping to save both physical space and costs.

Plug-and-Play Deployment: iDCmini Edge is designed for quick and easy deployment, reducing the time and effort required for the client’s IT infrastructure relocation.

Scalability: Although the new office space can only accommodate up to 2 racks, iDCmini Edge offers a scalable design, allowing the client to easily expand its IT infrastructure as needed.



Given the client’s specific challenges, the proposed iDCmini Edge 58 1+1 presents a comprehensive and efficient answer to their relocation requirements. By addressing the space constraints, chilled water costs, and sprinkler head concerns, the solution enables the client to seamlessly transition its IT infrastructure to the new office location while optimizing costs, efficiency, and scalability.

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