Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a software-centric system architecture that tightly integrates compute power, storage and networking together. With this new technology, the used-to-be complex and non-integrated infrastructure can be condensed into a much smaller form factor with unlimited computing capacity achievable also.


The well acclaimed iDCmini is for companies who are moving towards hyper-converged infrastructure. It features full protection from fire, water and power interruption while saving space and power. Water based cooling (like chiller water) is not required and onsite work restrictions are reduced. Because of its reusability and lower power consumption compared to traditional datacenters, it is more environmentally friendly. And most importantly, both the starting and operation costs are reduced too.


We foresee that upon hyper-convergence transformation, our solution suite will greatly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by bringing the whole datacenter into one integrated system that pools storage, compute and virtualization resources for ultimate flexibility as well as the ability to scale out securely and efficiently.


Its unlimited capacity, ease of backup plus simple recovery process and easy cloud migration makes hyper-converged infrastructure very efficient. Using this new infrastructure, more than 100 VMs can be hosted in a single iDCmini to fully support any needs of businesses and organisations.


The Topology for Datacenters

in the Cloud Age

Cloud computing, public, private or hybrid, is the future, which offers the benefits of flexibility, cost savings and reliability. We all know that server and network virtualization technology allows for lower power consumption and relieves us on datacentre space. It is also adaptable, portable and largely expandable by pairing public cloud with private cloud, resulting in hybrid cloud setup.


For those who are concerned about security, building your own private cloud may be another option. Using a private cloud system means that all of your data stays within your network, while all the computing power and storage can still be accessed from anywhere on the network, promoting productivity and security at the same time.


The iDCmini is perfect for both private and hybrid cloud setups. It is the ideal solution to host critical equipment with full protection against water and fire with a small footprint at a very reasonable budget. Featuring high adaptability and availability, iDCmini is the real solution that can be expanded on demand. Its craftmanship allows it to achieve excellent performance in the highest standard in the industry.