Customer Background

Our client is a leading manufacturer of containers, operator of container depots and provider of logistics services.

Due to business expansion, our client intended to open a new branch office including a computer room serving over 100 internal users. Like other organisations, Our client was facing common issues like limited space and budget constraint as well as sprinkler heads concerns that might have potential water risks in the new computer room.

Our Solution

Based on the environmental conditions, iDCnano is deployed for our clients’ computer room which fulfils the requirements. iDCnano is a cost-effective solution that contains all the necessary equipment including UPS, fire suppression, monitoring system and cooling system in a single lockable rack; and no chilled water is required. Its slim design helps save space and prevents potential water risks due to the industrial IP54 nature. Besides, the deployment of iDCnano, this turnkey solution also covered existing equipment relocation along with structural cabling services where Singamas is now enjoying a new, green and yet reliable total solution.

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