Datacenter Topology for Cloud Age

Datacenter Topology for Cloud Age

We have to admit that cloud computing is our future, regardless of the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing offers us many benefits, it gives us flexibility, significant savings, as well as reliability. We believe that the above scenario is the datacenter topology for now and the future.

With the server & network virtualization technology, the new generation datacenter requires lower power consumption, and small space requirement. What’s more, it’s flexible, and scalable, as it can expand via hybrid cloud technology.

For those that are concerned with security, hosting your own private cloud is also a option, that way, all data stays within your network only, yet all computing power and storage can be accessed from anywhere within the network, promoting productivity and security.

Whether you end up choosing a private cloud or a hybrid cloud setup, the iDCmini is the ideal smart rack solution to host all of your servers in a small form factor. The features of the iDCmini allows it to be flexible, it includes all the support servers will need while exceeding the highest industry standards.


The iDCmini is not only a smart rack or a smart cabinet, it is the perfect solution for hosting your Hyper Converge appliances. Not only does it keep your virtualized servers cooled, it is also splash proof, with highly customizable configurations. With the smart controller integrated with the mini green datacenter, it can be controlled through a DCIM software that can keep all of your iDCminis monitored.