iDCmini Family

In this new era of e-commerce, every industry relies on secure and robust IT infrastructure, which means a reliable and cost-effective datacenter is vital to every business.
A datacenter usually refers to a large computer room which consists of cooling, a UPS, FM200, racking, a raised floor and a monitoring system. It offers protection and an optimal environment for our IT equipment. However, the initial setup cost may be an important factor to consider, especially if there is not a lot of equipment that needs the mentioned protection.
To ease the pressure in datacenter investment, a series of innovative all-in-one datacenters which can meet the requirements of a traditional datacenter, the iDCmini Family, is launched. The iDCmini Family integrates all systems, such as a UPS, fire suppression and monitoring in a single rack. It features high reliability, easy relocation and cost effectiveness. The members of the iDCmini Family includes the iDC Air-15, iDC Air-42, iDCnano and iDCmini, ranging from a budget friendly wall-mounted closet to high-end intelligent racks, to fit all environments in different business scenarios.