iDCmini Edge-26


iDCmini Edge-26 is our latest version of the iDCmini Family. This highly efficient all-in-one datacenter solution integrates all the necessary systems including a UPS, fire suppression and a monitoring & control system in a single lockable rack together with hybrid side mounted cooling system offering a much greener, highly reliable and a more energy saving solution.


The cooling capacity of iDCmini Edge is 2.6kW which is a green and energy saving indication.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 75% energy saving due to the speed-regulated components and Heat Pipe Technology; Save cost and the environment


Eliminate temperature fluctuation and offer a stable temperature control and hence, enjoy a lower PUE benefit, as low as 1.35; highly reusable and relocatable features

Fast Deployment

Extremely easy to set up and use, onsite installation might take as fast as 1 day