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iDCmini’s journey:

Our iDCmini journey began when our founder, Mr. Sam Chui and a group of inhouse R & D engineers to make the first all-in-one datacenter solution. We call it iDCmini as it is a micro datacenter that consists of all the necessary equipment in a single rack.

iDCmini solution is designed and built to suit the rapid changing economic needs and market trends. Throughout the years, we have developed and launched a variety of all-in-one datacenter solutions. One of the highlights is the deployment of Asia’s first powerful 50kW racking solution supporting high density servers for AI calculation and big data processing purposes.   

Our pace will never stop! iDC UPS ranging from 1 kW up to 800 kW has just launched; and we continue our journey by making excellent and reliable solutions to serve our customers.

Pioneer in the development of “Green” solution:

Behind our mind is a way of thinking about our place in the world and how we contribute to a better society. Our fundamental belief is to make use of our 30 years IT infrastructure experience & knowhow; continue offering “GREEN” solutions to enable the world greener and save energy costs.

Products & Services

The world’s greenest all-in-one datacenter solution with a PUE figure as low as 1.2

The first in Asia to deploy 50kW high-density power solution with up to 53kW per rack, ideal for hosting HPC and AI applications

A comprehensive range of UPS from 1kVA to 800 kVA available for all applications

A whole series of iPDU is designed to suit the operational requirements of next generation datacenters

Automatically transfer load for preferred power source to standby power source without any interruption of server load

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