Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a software-centric system architecture that tightly integrates compute power, storage and networking together. With this new technology, the used-to-be complex and non-integrated infrastructure can be condensed into a much smaller form factor with unlimited computing capacity achievable also.

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iDCmini Family

All-in-one datacenter

To ease the pressure in datacenter investment, a series of all-in-one datacenters which can meet the requirements of a traditional datacenter, the iDCmini Family, is launched. The iDCmini Family integrates all systems, such as a UPS, fire suppression and monitoring in a single rack. It features high reliability, easy relocation and cost effectiveness.

The members of the iDCmini Family includes the iDCmini Duo, iDCnano, iDC Air-42 and iDC Air-15, ranging from a budget friendly wall-mounted closet to high-end intelligent racks, to fit all environments in different business scenarios.

Why should you choose the iDCmini Family?

Cost Saving

Full Protection

Fast Deployment

Green Solution

High Reliability

Easy Relocation

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