IT needs next-generation datacenter infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility. Our iDCmini is an ideal solution that perfectly addresses such principle.


The iDCmini starts with a single rack which consists of cooling, a UPS, a fire protection system, an infrastructure monitoring and control system. It provides full protection to your mission critical servers and applications with limited time, space and budget. It is a highly reliable and available solution that can be configured in Tier-4 2N standard.


Intelligent Rack

It integrates all systems in a single rack which features easy management, high mobility, green and space saving.

Structured Cabling

It has an advanced and structured cable management system which offers a simple and easy way to manage high-density cabling. As a result, cable and port tracing becomes a much easier job.

High Reliability

It has undergone over 200 laboratory tests. The high quality manufacturing offers extreme efficiency and reliability.