Our client is a global company with headquarter in Zurich, offering asset management services to institutions, wholesale intermediaries, financial advisers, and private investors. They have been utilizing the iDCmini 2+1 solution to ensure the protection of all their critical equipment for the past four years.

During their business decision-making process, the client has decided to relocate their critical services to another country. In this relocation, they aim to reduce power consumption and optimize their operations. The client also seeks a solution that aligns with their upcoming business model in Hong Kong.


Our solution for the client’s datacenter needs is centered around the flexible and reliable iDCmini solution. By transitioning to a streamlined 1+1 model, we offer adaptability to meet their evolving requirements while ensuring uninterrupted service and robust protection for their critical equipment.

Our iDCmini provides unmatched flexibility, allowing for easy customization and scalability. In addition, our proposed iDCmini solution addresses the client’s pain points of power consumption reduction and alignment with their new business model. These characteristics allow the client to experience improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, ultimately enabling them to optimize their operations in their new location.

Reliability is paramount in safeguarding critical equipment, and our solution excels in this aspect. Our comprehensive monitoring and management tools empower the client to proactively address potential issues, minimizing the risk of data loss or service disruptions.



By leveraging the flexibility and reliability of iDCmini, our proposed solution enables the client to optimize their operations, reduce power consumption, and support their upcoming business model in Hong Kong.

With our streamlined 1+1 model, the client can confidently focus on their core business, knowing that their critical equipment is protected by a flexible and reliable iDCmini solution.

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